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Become a Mogul with Charles Major

Taking the talent that you were born with and transferring it into something great is possible when you are under the tutelage of Charles Major and the team here at For Moguls Only. If it is your wish to become a mogul, it is essential that you do not try to do this on your own. The greatest entrepreneurs, performers and athletes didn’t do it alone and neither should you. When you opt to become a member of For Moguls Only, you are not only joining a world class website where you will be receive great training and connect with great people-you will also be joining a family and like all families we will tell you when you are wrong and when you are right (we are more like the Braxton’s than the Cosby’s) :). Having a coach is not something only reserved for the rich and famous. Based on how competitive the world of business has become, having a business coach/mentor is a necessity not a luxury.

What Exactly Is For Moguls Only All About?

For Moguls Only is an innovative platform that has been created for your success. The founder, Charles Major, has seen many urban businesses come and go. It is a known fact that there are constant changes and innovations in the world of business and that is the major reason why this website has been created. In order for you to stay afloat in this competitive world, you need a coach and mentor; someone who will guide you and direct you to where you need to be.

What you will be able to gain when you become a member of the For Moguls Only family?

  • For Moguls Only is a business network that will keep you on track.

  • Push you to excel in areas you never thought possible.

  • Provide you with truthful, valuable feedback from Charles Major himself on how to maximize your potential and success.

  • Allow you to work with a team of experts led by Charles and through this platform, you will gain invaluable experience that you cannot acquire anywhere else.

For Moguls Only will also bring you into close contact with other aspiring moguls. It is a website designed in a way to help you learn. While you may have studied in your area of expertise, this website will make you think like a mogul and when you can think strategically, you are on your way to becoming the most powerful individual in your market.


For Moguls Only is an entrepreneurs “playground”. As a member of For Moguls Only, you will have access to materials and resources that will aid in your development from just another player in the game to you being number one in your market. As a member, you will not only have access to pre-recorded materials, you will also have the option of having one-on-one sessions with Charles and participate in group Q and A. This option is available to anyone who feels personal attention is the best way to learn and perform at their peak. With For Moguls Only, you will be presented with new information and learning tools on a regular basis so you will continuously be growing and advancing to the next level.





Get Connected

For Moguls Only is a community where you can not only learn from the trainings but also from the other members. You will have full access to aspiring moguls such as yourself as well as access to Charles and the rest of the team who are responsible for your development and success. Our website makes it easy for you to communicate and you have the option of communicating through groups, private messages and comments. Your learning and success is made simple with the For Moguls Only training site.
Getting the full access to the site and all it has to offer is as simple as you registering and creating your own personal profile.




Mogul Points

For Moguls Only is a credit based system that gives members a certain amount of credits when they subscribe. The credits that you receive as a member can be used to purchase anything on the website that you are interested in. This feature makes your learning process a lot simpler and more entertaining because you get to choose what you want to learn each month, instead of us determining what you need to know.

This feature, in other words, allows you to use your credits or points to redeem a particular program that is available on ForMogulsOnly.com. If you do not use your credits one month, they will roll over into the next month and continue to grow until you have enough to purchase the program that you want to use.

From the Founder

In order for anyone to become a mogul, they must first take the common misconception of what a mogul is out of their minds. It is constantly believed that a mogul is and can only be a person who has reached the pinnacle of their success from behind a desk, wearing a suit and working until unthinkable hours in the night. While dedication and extra hours are needed, I intend to teach aspiring moguls that a mogul can be anyone. Becoming a mogul is all about your level of influence in your field, not what your bank account says. However, obtaining wealth is a good side effect of becoming a mogul :). Whether you are young or old, have swag or no swag, you can become a mogul if you know the right process to undergo and are led by the right principles.

Through my mistakes, my failures, and of course, my successes, I have learned what it takes to become a mogul and as such, I have dedicated my time and invested my knowledge into taking my organization and yours to the next level. If it is your wish to become an entrepreneur, you will be happy to know that such a feat is within you reach . However, in order for you to reach MOGUL status, you need to be extremely persistent, determined, have integrity, and most importantly, be dedicated.

While it may be fun to be in the spotlight and be a rapper, singer, an athlete or a movie star, some of the greatest success lies as a entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur you can not only be financially successful, but also become an important or an influential person in your field. You can Become a Mogul!

Knowing the burning fire that I had inside and knowing what you must be feeling as well, working at the minimum level is not for us and it was never meant for us. Through this knowledge, my book Become a Mogul: 7 Major Success Principles for the Urban Entrepreneur was first created. Through the success of this book and my desire to take it to the next level, For Moguls Only has risen.

For Moguls Only is a simple to understand, simple to use website that is designed for people like you and I. It is a training ground unlike any other and it will not take years out of your life. With this community, you can start building your mogul lifestyle from the very beginning or take your current success to another level.

For Moguls Only offers experiences and various attributes that you cannot acquire in a classroom setting such as:

  • Monthly interviews with guest speakers will introduce you to go-getters whose ideas and experiences will inspire you to get off your butt and make things happen :).

  • Question and Answer – This is your opportunity to ask those pressing questions that you have regarding your business.

  • Members Only Newsletter – Each month we’ll include brief, useful updates on the the projects, programs and developments that are helping to shape the future formogulsonly.com.

What you will have access to is based on your membership level; however, whatever your plan, you will have access to the best tutelage and coaching from some of the best mentors in the world.

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