About The Book

Moguls don’t build houses, they build skyscrapers.

In his book, Become a Mogul, Charles Major takes you step by step through the process of remodeling your life and becoming a mogul.

After reading the book, you’ll have all the necessary tools to build a skyscraper life and you can have Charles’ personal support during your journey.

Charles’ building metaphors make the process of becoming a mogul easy to understand and easy to follow. Charles has studied the lives and careers of today’s biggest moguls for over ten years and has helped his clients implement their strategies and principles with staggering results. He does a great job describing the process of becoming a mogul as well as walking you through it “floor by floor” so you can become a mogul too.

In the beginning of the book you’ll learn how to start right where you are now and begin “building the foundation” for your mogul lifestyle. You’ll learn what it means to be part of the Generation Now Mindset and the seven major principles you need to know to achieve success and live productively in the mindset.

Then, you’ll learn how to “draw up the blueprint” for your mogul lifestyle. Charles will give you specific strategies for setting short-term and long-term goals and will give you the tools to accomplish both. You’ll learn what separates successful people from other people who aren’t successful and also what you need to do to become successful. You’ll learn strategies that will help you see “the big picture” of what you want your mogul lifestyle to look like. Then you’ll learn how to use those strategies to begin building that life. Charles will also give you specific strategies to improve your time management skills and to completely STOP procrastination.

Next, Charles will teach you how to “set up the support beams” of the building that represents you becoming a mogul. Just like a building needs to have support beams in order for it to stand tall and remain standing, you also need support in your journey to becoming a mogul. He’ll also teach you why networking is not just a good idea, but a requirement for anyone who wants to become a mogul. And, you’ll learn the importance of being a part of a mastermind group; a group of like minded people who hold you accountable for your actions. You’ll also learn the difference between business partners and participants and how to make sure you work with people who want to work with you and not for you.

In the next step, you’ll discover the difference between being a persuader and a manipulator and Charles will show you why you’ll get more results being a persuader. This process of “selling the office space” is something you must do if you want to become a mogul and Charles will explain why. You’ll learn how to sell people on your vision and persuade them to be on your team, but the “Selling the Office Space” section of the book covers all types of selling because the fact is, you must know how to sell if you want to be successful. From the mom who has to sell her kids on doing their homework, to the CEO who needs to sell his company on the new project they should take on, how well you can sell is directly related to the success you’ll achieve.

Next, you’ll learn the most important step in becoming a mogul; how to become a mogul instead of a CEO. You’ll learn why you must “own the building” not just run it. Then, you’ll discover the importance of financial responsibility and how managing money plays a huge part in becoming a mogul.

You’ll also learn how to “weatherproof the building” which helps you to deal with critics and objections, aswell as understandthe penalty of leadership, and how to deal with success once you achieve it.

Lastly, you’ll discover why it’s imperative that you’re always looking to go to the next level and Charles will give you the strategies you need to keep “expanding the building” of the mogul lifestyle you’ve built.

After reading Become a Mogul, you’ll have everything you need to build the mogul lifestyle you so desperately want for both your professional and your personal life.

Why Not You, Why Not Now

Here is what people are saying about this Book…

Kudos to you on a well written and great business book. Hopefully we will see many a Mogul birthed as a result of the practical steps and guidelines you’ve provided. Anyone who isn’t inspired and moved to action may not be breathing!

Renita Tiller, Business Management & Technology Consultant, Designer, Writer (Los Angeles, California)



“I think you have written an incredibly insightful book. You were able to easily transition the passion and belief you have from what you have achieved into a readable, straight-forward, honest and informative book. Because you have been there, your advice and your lessons have the ring of truth and experience to them, and readers would be foolish not to take all the advice and direction to heart. Let me add that I don’t think a 58-year old unemployed white woman on disability is your target audience or specific demographic. But you did hook me, demographics be damned, so I predict great success for this book. ”

– Barbara Thomsen, Freelance Editor, (Los Angeles, New Jersey)

 I want to thank you for writing your book! I’ve shared with friends & recorded the epilogue on my BB to listen to every morning. Changed me!

– Anushka Bella, Professional Model, (The Hague, Netherlands)

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