Congratulations and Welcome

Charles_MajorHello, I’m Charles Major and I’d like to personally congratulate you on making the very smart decision to join us here at For Moguls Only – Where we turn entrepreneurs into Moguls…

Buckle up that seat belt and hold tight… with your new For Moguls Only membership you’ll soon experience a stampede of outrageous ideas, incredible tools, and insanely great strategies all designed to help you Double, Triple or Even Quadruple your income!

And we do that by helping you discover:

– How to Become a Mogul (aka celebrity) in your market.

– How to finally put yourself in a position where you don’t chase customers; Customers chase you!

– How to get paid more and work less.

Our company is 100% devoted to you and your needs!

It’s time to let you know exactly what’s coming your way like a freight train. So please make sure to read this ENTIRE letter – it contains critical information about your new For Moguls Only membership.

First Up: In just a few days you’ll receive your “New” For Moguls Only Member Kit in the mail (that’s if you live in the U.S. – if you live overseas, it will take a bit longer).

Second: You’ll gain INSTANT access to our members only area, Blueprint 1 from the Mogul Blueprint and day 1 from the The Mogul BlueprintMogul Fast Start.The Mogul Blueprint

Each week for the next seven weeks, you’ll receive one Blueprint from The Mogul Blueprint, walking you through a step to build your business. Each Blueprint is divided into easily digestible segments, helping ensure that you can implement each as you follow the program.

Next, each day for your first 30 days, you’ll receive one day of tasks walking you step-by-step how to get paid fast and attract clients quickly using the Mogul Fast Start.


Over the next month, you’ll receive:


1-members only Mogul Class with an influential guest speaker

1-*Special FREE Call-In Time

Member-Only Discounts – a slew of them!

Exclusive Access to the For Moguls Only Member Restricted Website

[ez_two_last]1-video training with case studies, insights, and secrets that very few “gurus” reveal but all are using to build a bigger business in less time.

1-opportunity to apply for our Mogul Spotlight that showcases For Moguls Only’s most valuable asset… our members.



WARNING: Do not make the mistake of letting ANY of this material gather dust!

The fastest way to accelerate your success is to set aside time in your calendar right now to look these materials over and let them soak in.

You see, the key to achieving extraordinary results is twofold:

1) Knowledge

2) Action

Knowledge + Action = POWER… and that’s what you’ll have for your business starting today.


And this is important… I’ve written a special report titled “Mogul Client Storm” that is designed to recoup your investment in this entire program in a matter of four days or less. Oftentimes, people get their investment back on the first day. It depends of course on what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to.

We decided to include this as a free gift for new For Moguls Only Directors to help you get on-board as fast as possible.

Mogul Client Storm

You can download this report in the members area RIGHT NOW!

Grab it now and read it carefully.

Thank you again and congratulations!

Plan. Hustle. Win. Repeat.

C Major (Signature Font)

Charles “Congratulations” Major