Become a Mogul: 7 Major Success Principles For The Urban Entrepreneur

In his book, Become a Mogul, Charles Major takes you step by step through the process of remodeling your life and becoming a mogul.

After reading the book, you’ll have all the necessary tools to build a skyscraper life and you can have Charles’ personal support during your journey.


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For Moguls Only

If it is your wish to become a mogul, it is essential that you do not try to do this on your own. The greatest entrepreneurs, performers and athletes didn’t do it alone and neither should you. When you opt to become a member of For Moguls Only, you are not only joining a world class website where you will receive great training and connect with great people-you will also be joining a family and like all families we will tell you when you are wrong and when you are right (we are more like the Braxton’s than the Cosby’s) icon smile About Us . Having a coach is not something only reserved for the rich and famous. Based on how competitive the world of business has become, having a business coach/mentor is a necessity not a luxury.

Mogul G.P.S. - Mogul Goal Planning System

Available January 2013

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