7 Steps To Render Your Competition Irrelevant (Hint: It Doesn’t Involve The Stuff You HATE Doing)

Imagine you run a clothing boutique.

And there are twenty-two clothing boutiques in your city.

You’ve got just one problem.

You’re just another clothing boutique.

Another clothing boutique, which seems similar to the next one, and the next, and the next.

Now don’t get me wrong

You know your boutique is different.

You know your clothing is designed from exquisite materials.

You know your clothing has simple, classy designs.

But to your client you’re another–yawn–clothing boutique.

So stop being a clothing boutique, will ya?

Start being an expert instead.

Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter whether you sell clothing or social media management; are a brand expert or sell flowers; build websites or plan events.

You run into the same damn problem.

The problem of being a commodity.

Unless of course, you decide you’re pretty sick and tired of being a commodity.

And would rather be an expert instead. Perhaps you’d rather be able to charge more for your product or services.

And yes, a waiting list would be reason enough to pop the champagne.

Well, here’s what you really need to do.


Don’t sell clothing.

Don’t sell branding.

Don’t sell website-building.

Don’t sell what you do.

Because people don’t want what you do.

They don’t give a $#%& about what you do.

Sell them an hour’s worth of knowledge instead

Yes you read right.

Don’t sell them clothing: Teach your prospects to detect good clothing from bad.

Don’t sell your branding services: Teach them about how simple, everyday tweaks can help them grow their audience.

Don’t sell them on how you can manage their social media presence: Teach them about how Facebook keeps attracting new clients.

You see there’s a huge resistance to buying your product or service.

However, there is minimal resistance to someone investing an hour’s worth of training.

After all, we all know that we need to upgrade our skills; improve our knowledge. And so as clients, we’re ready to learn something new.

Something that makes us smarter, more intelligent.

This is precisely why you need to spend some time training your prospects. Precisely why you need to take prospects down a pre-determined path.

So let’s go down a pre-determined path, shall we?

Here’s what the path looks like:

1) There is huge resistance to someone buying your product/service. (Damn, not another product/service—that’s what your prospect is thinking).

2) However, there is minimal resistance to someone investing an hour/day training (we’re all taught we have to keep learning).

3) The training/workshop opens their eyes to a system that’s ‘different’. (And thus creates a ‘problem’).

4) The problem is that they’re doing stuff the old, irritating way, and getting unpredictable results—if they get results at all. (Not good)

5) Your next step is for you to help the prospect implement that training into reality (ooh, now you’re the person who helps implement the newly-gained knowledge).

6) If you’re coach, consult, speaker or trainer, you consult at your ‘expert’ prices. If you’re selling products, you give your expert advice. (Though frankly, you can now do both at the same time).

7) Voila, you’re the expert.

But even as you read these words…

You’re wondering if this system isn’t somehow manipulative.

Well…it depends, you see. It depends on how insidious your mind is.

Because instead of being manipulative, these series of steps actually enable the client to get a better grasp about what they want—instead about you babbling about the great and wonderful features of your service or product.

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With education, clients learn more about choosing the right clothes.

Or more about how to avoid huge, and unnecessary branding mistakes.

Or more about how to get a continuous stream of clients through their website.

And of course, this training stuff is all very fine—if you’re comfortable speaking in front of audiences.

But what if you’re the kind that shivers in their Ralph Lauren, every time they have to face an audience?

Well, don’t…

No one said you have to do the soapbox-thing. No one said to stand in front of an audience.

This concept is about the immense power of training. And how training makes you an expert.

The concept doesn’t say you have to stand in front of a group of people and speak.

You can train prospects through a website presentation. Or a well-thought out pdf.

Or a teleconference. Or just about any way you can think of.

And the moment you start to train…

Your prospect starts listening.

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Like magic, your neat little presentation, has transformed you into an oracle of sorts.

The prospect no longer sees you as a cheesy snake-oil impresario.

But rather, as someone who knows what they’re doing. And more importantly someone who can help the prospect make the right decision.

And just like that, you’re not a commodity any more

You’re ‘el experto.’

You tell more. And hence, sell more.

You create revenue sources where none existed.

You create a waiting list of customers that only want to deal with you.

So…can we pop the champagne now?

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