The Penalty Of Leadership

The Penalty Of Leadership

Often times you’ll discover that some people are negative just for the sake of being negative, chalk it up to what I call the “Penalty of Leadership.” The penalty of leadership is simply the fact that when you are doing something extraordinary or out of the norm, some people are going to feel threatened by it. They may have something to lose, or it may be completely irrational, but the fact is that not everyone is going to be happy for you. Your competitors, for instance, won’t be happy. Your ex-boss at that dead end job won’t be happy. Even some of your friends and family members who see you become “the successful one” won’t be happy. Don’t take it personally, though.

When I first started, I had a real problem with being in the limelight, but my mentors told me to face the criticism head on. They convinced me that if I took that plunge and put myself in the public eye, a lot of good could come from it. They were right, so I’m going to pass that advice on to you. Many people out there are going to miss out on a lot of things in life because of apprehensiveness; because of not wanting to be the center of attention. Don’t become one of them. To Become a Mogul, you don’t have to change who you are inside; however, you will have to prepare to deal with things, such as criticism, that might be really surprising, and, yes, unpleasant at first.

I have seen a lot of people succeed, and then actually lose it all, because they just couldn’t handle the criticism and animosity from other people who refused to aim high. Achieving success happens to be a wonderful way for you to gauge who your real friends are. Some friends will turn on you, so expect it. Some family members will try to bring you down to “reality;” prepare for it. Even people you don’t know may criticize you; whether it be in person, on a blog, or even on Twitter. Laugh right back, because in the end, you will be the one laughing all the way to the bank.

No matter what, please do not quit. Do not give up. Do not sway. Do not falter because someone is judging you. Just remember this: I’ve never seen a monument to a critic, to a naysayer, or to a person who judged. Monuments and statues are for people who have done great things. That is why you are here, why you are reading this blog post. You, my friend, are destined for great things. You are destined to receive the financial and personal reward that comes from achieving success at doing what you love. This reward will definitely outshine and outweigh any of the negative criticism that anyone loads upon you.

You are going to stand strong and do what you have to do every single day until you reach the level of success you deserve. No one can stop you. The naysayers won’t have the faintest idea how.  You are a mogul… and it’s time you claim it.

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