Plan. Hustle. Win. Repeat.

This isn’t just a saying. This is what I strive to do every single day in my clients’ business. Winning for my clients takes priority over absolutely everything else.

The Long-Winded Backstory

Hi, I’m Charles, welcome to my home. This is a place I share my insights and experience of 20+  years as an entrepreneur, dealmaker, investor, and mentor.

I wanted to take a minute…or two and introduce myself, and address the question you are probably asking: “Who is Charles Major and what can he do for me?”

Often people tell me they can’t figure me out. One minute I am listening to classical music, then I am listening to Tony Robbins, and the next minute I am listening to Jay Z.

If I had to sum myself up I would say I am ¼ Russell Simmons, ¼ Jim Rohn, ¼ Jay-Z, ¼ Neo from the Matrix with a small pinch of Gordon Gecko (only when provoked).

As Jay-Z would say, “I am Che Guevara with bling on, I’m complex.”

Truth be told I’m actually a pretty normal guy, who went through a point early in my life where I decided that working a 9 – 5 job was not for me.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but I was going through a time when I had just dropped out of college… I had no money… and I had NO IDEA what my next move in life was going to be. One night I was talking to one of my best friends, and I said “I am going to figure this out for myself, no matter what it takes.”

Well, it wasn’t exactly easy to “figure it out”. I spent the next year reading a lot of books, listening to “motivational tapes”, going to seminars, and generally trying out a lot of crazy ideas that I was learning.

The first “break” came when I started my first business at 19 years old. Along with my business partners (best friends), we were able to have success with our own clothing line and DJ business. I thought I made it! I was on not one, but two radio stations, I had money in my pocket, a luxury car, and a great place to live. Life was sweet…until my business partners and I disbanded and I went into a depression. It is not something I am proud of. Sometimes all the “motivational” books in the world can’t prepare you for what life hits you with.

Then one day something just snapped and I realized this was not the life I was destined to live. I decided it was time to get out of my sister’s house (yes, I was a grown-ass man living with my sister) and get to work. Literally and figuratively that was my first step – I got a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). I knew that I couldn’t let my pride get in the way of the success I wanted to achieve and getting a steady cash flow was the key.

Next, I decided to start all over again, build on the knowledge I had gained previously through my first few years of business, and go back to basics. I bought one book after another on self-development, motivation, and marketing, plus the autobiographies of successful individuals. I devoured them all.

The real “break” came when I started meeting and hanging out with guys that were “Gurus” in the world of marketing.

I’m talking about entrepreneurs who had figured out how to build 6, 7, and yes, 8-figure businesses.

As I learned from these entrepreneurs, I noticed that they did certain things and communicated with their clients in certain ways that REALLY didn’t “add up”.

Maybe they would curse during a seminar or maybe they would tell a story about how they fired a client because they didn’t do the work they “prescribed” or even talk about how drunk they had gotten the night before. This was a total 180-degree turn from what I had read in most books. Most books tell you that you should fit an “image” of what a successful entrepreneur should be. These entrepreneurs were doing the exact opposite of what all the books were saying.

They’d tell a prospect that they didn’t have any room left for consulting clients and they would send the prospect to another consultant. This would cause the prospect to wind up begging to work with them.

I thought to myself…” What part of the game is this!?”

The more I saw things that “didn’t make sense” actually WORKING with prospects and clients, the more I began thinking that I might be on the verge of discovering something big.

To make a long story longer, I made rapid progress by learning from these “entrepreneurs”, and I took the things I learned from them, tested and refined the ideas into a system, and put it all together for myself, which is how For Moguls Only materialized. Information straight from the trenches.

It’s not my style to brag a lot, but the fact is that I have my dream car (Mercedes Benz CLS). I’ve taken some amazing vacations over the last several years. Yes, I’ve had opportunities to speak internationally. Yes, I’ve my dream apartment (Yes, I know I need to buy a house…don’t judge me). I am the founder of For Moguls Only, publisher of Men’s Lifestyle Network, and creator of “The Mogul Blueprint”. I’m also the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Become a Mogul: 7 Major Success Principles For The Urban Entrepreneur”. And yes, I have come across my share of internet stalkers and internet haters who always seem to have something to say.

Be careful what you wish for!

The question you’re probably asking is “Why should I believe what Charles says?”
And my answer to you is that you SHOULDN’T just blindly believe me.
In fact, I would recommend that you approach my materials with healthy skepticism and a “scientific” perspective.
I want you to TRY what you learn from me.
As you already know quite well, there are a lot of people running around trying to convince you that they have all the answers on how you can grow your business.
Well, unfortunately for you, I don’t have ALL the answers.

But I do believe that I have SOME of the answers (and I think the answers I have are pretty important).
I’m a person, and as a person, I have my flaws. But I also think I’m the best in the world at helping my clients double or triple their income and I stand behind that. I honestly hope you get a TON of value from my content.

Talk soon!

Plan. Hustle. Win. Repeat.

Charles “Consigliere” Major